Step into January

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Hi all

New year, new choreography.

Advanced, tapless, 64 count self-reversing, step is horizontal.

Explanations follow each combo as well cross phrasing where indicated. Some of the moves have been borrowed from this site, if you recognize your stuff, thank you very much.

Combo I (cross phrasing on this combo)

Total 64 counts

** Step up wide, right, left (1/2 V-step) 2, right foot steps in on the bench, abduct left hip (2), left foot steps in, abduct right hip (2), step down to the floor right, left (2). This move is borrowed thanks.

*** Step up right foot (1), curl left leg (1), left foot down on bench (1), right curl (1), as you exit, you will step down to the front side of the bench, turning toward your right shoulder, so that you face the back of the room (2). This move is cross phrased, by doing 2 of them and adding the single knee in the center of the bench, you will get back to 16.

**** Crab - borrowed thanks. Step up right, left (2), step off the right side, doing 2 mambos on the floor (don't forget to lift the left foot off the bench as well, just like any mambo)(4), exit to home side of step (2).

***** Basic all around - borrowed thanks. Very simple, do a basic hitting all side of the bench, front, side, back, side and you will end at the small end of the bench. By doing the repeater curl straddle, repeater curl exit, you will return to the home side of the bench.

Combo II

Total 64 counts

*** Repeater L-step, step up right, lift left knee (2) put left foot on floor, lift right knee (2) put right foot on the floor stepping forward, lift left knee (2), left foot back on floor lift right knee (2). You will end up with your right knee in the air above the bench, ready to go across with the pivot.

**** Like any normal superman, however, in order to make it tapless you need to start with the foot, furthest from the bench, instead of the one closest to the bench. Simply cross the outside foot over.

***** 1/2 L squat tic, toc. Right foot on bench, lift left knee (2) left foot to floor, squat (2), tic toc on bench (2) exit to floor (2).

Combo III

Total 64 counts

*** Walk over, pivot, walk over, V-step. Walk over your bench, step up right left (2), step down on the other side of your bench (2) your back will be to your bench. Pivot on floor (2), step back up on the bench right, left (2). You will finish this 8 up on top of the bench, facing the back of the room. Now, step down off the bench right, left (2) pivot on floor (2) do a V-step on the bench (4).

Combo IV (cross phrasing on the combo)

Total 64 counts

*** Rocking horse pivot. Do a half rocking horse in the center of the bench, curl, knee (4), pivot over on last curl (4).

**** Walkaway Joe - borrowed and used several times thanks. Going diagonal on the bench, step up right left (2), step down right left on the diagonal (2), pivot turn on the floor (2) walk back toward bench right left (2)

***** Stomp around the world - stomp straddle (3), stomp travel (3) stomp straddle (3), stomp travel (3), fill with 2 jacks.

Combo V (cross phrasing on this one)

Total 64 counts

*** Cross over mambo, is simply a mambo done with the outside foot instead of the inside foot. Cross over and do on bench.

**** Repeater hip 2 only - in corner, step up, do a repeater hip 2 only (4) place that foot back done on the bench (1), kick other foot (1) and exit to the floor (2). Immediately in the same corner, you will do the 2 charleston kick, following by 2 alternating curls, all of this is done in the same corner.

*****Spin off - nothing more then a 360 degree pivot. Make sure you cue for full rotation.

I hope you enjoy these combos and email me with questions.


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