Having a ball with the ball (another)

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12587)

As with my previous ball patterns, I won't break down into counts. Take the ideas and go with it. Have a ball!

Glute lifts
Place elastic band around legs just above knees. Lay (lie?) down face up on resting only head and shoulders on ball. Keep heels under knees, knees apart to keep band tight. Lift hips toward ceiling so that you have a straight 'bridge'. Keep hips high and glutes tight, squeeze and lift hips toward ceiling, lower, but try to keep glutes tight. Repeat. I sometimes lift/lower to tempo, then mix with 'up 2, down 2' or pulses. Every so often, hold the position--hips high and very tight. With elastic bands around knees, open and close knees, digging heels into floor, squeezing glutes very tightly! Ouch!

Chest Flyes
Lying on ball as above, you can alternate your glute lifts with chest flys. Instead of holding weights for normal chest fly, have students hold weights perpendicular as if to do chest press. Start slowly, "out 2, in 2" until they get the form. Remind them to keep their bridges high!

Side Leg Raises
Lie on ball on side. Advanced: both hands on ball, legs straight with feet only on floor. Modify by placing one hand on floor, bottom knee on floor, or both for easiest. Remind students to keep feet parallel or toes pointed toward floor. Lift and lower leg. You can take it a little further by bringing knee into chest, and then extend leg out with a little lift. This needs lots of focus to balance and use core stabilizers!!!

Side Obliques
Position self on ball as above with Side Leg. You can alternate Side Leg with Side Obligues or do both together! (Yow!) Both hands behind head or crossed in front of chest. Lift upper body pointing top elbow toward hip.

TTFN! Have Fun! Dale

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