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Combination One:

Combination Two:

Bench is horizontal. Start each pattern with a right lead and then repeat it with a left lead. Because this is a somewhat confusing combination (at least to explain in writing), I wrote the patterns as they are done with a right lead (at the start) and then when you repeat it (as left lead) each move will be the opposite lead. Below are explainations of non-obvious moves. Please feel free to email me with questions.

March funky L (I learned this move as "12 step mambo") is: step left on bench on 1, step right on floor to the east on 2, tap your left big toe "in" on bench like you are pidgeon toed on 3, step same foot on bench on 4, travel to the west side by stepping to the south on the floor with your right and then left (5,6) and then repeat this move on the west side (opposite lead) for the other 6 counts.

Skate is: three ham curls on top of the bench, down down (changes lead).

Skate with a turn (I got from this site) is: ham curl on top, on second ham pivot to back wall (still on top), third ham is on floor to the west of the bench facing the back, walk walk home.

Tap turn pivot is: tap down right, turn to the back of the room stepping right, step "forward" left (which is actually to the back of the room) and pivot on the floor. (This isn't as hard as it sounds and I was amazed that everyone got it. The easier version would be to march down down, right left, and then march right and tap left on the floor.)

V-lunge (also from this site, but it was called something else) is: step onto bench wide left then right (like you are doing a V-step), tap the left foot diagonally back onto the floor and then return the foot to where it was and tap the right foot diagonally back onto the floor (I'm calling them taps, but they are like lunges) and return foot to where it was, down down left then right (like you're doing the second half of a V-step).

Kick turn mambo, cha-cha back is exactly as it says: step left to corner and kick right, down down (right left) walking backwards and turning towards bench, mambo on floor the back corner of room, cha-cha home (you'll actually be a little east of home which is fine because you're going into a 1/2 L on that side next--between right and left lead). For the second time through, or both times, you may want to tell your students to make the cha-cha small.

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