The Roar by CJ

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 12599)

There are 3 parts to this; you can leave them as-is, or hook them up into a 16 or 32 count combo.


This should leave you in orthodox position, right leg back; then you can repeat to other side OR add the punch combo below. If you choose to just do "A" you might find it's easier to scissor or boxer shuffle in place for 8 counts; makes it easier to change direction.



*From a Janis Saffell video

**Tom Seaborne's "stance training": These directions are for a 4 count roar and pivot; do it twice as fast for a 2 count. The roar is simple: start (in this case) in orthodox position, right leg back. Step forward strongly with the left foot, then bring right foot forward until you're in ortho position; just a few feet farther forward. 2 counts

--the trick to getting this to be intense is to ROAR (really) as you move forward, as if you're menacing an opponent (they'll probably think you're nuts!), using the core muscles to hold yourself strong and ready. I also throw in a double knifehand block to give it oomph.

Ok, roar is half of it; then you pivot:
You've just roared forward into orthodox position; now step your left foot behind so you're in southpaw position. That's all there is to it! 2 counts

Happy buttkickin

You can do A + B for 16 counts total
You can do A + B+ C for 32 counts (since it's 16 counts of roar/pivot it's not too much; I usually don't like to do 32 counts...)

Wow that's a lotta words! Email if you have ?

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