Abs/obliques on the Wallside

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Hi from Downunder !
I have benefitted for a long time from this site and wish to thank all those who have inspired me.

Abs/Obliques on the Wallside

This is a little hard to explain to so bear with me and email me for any more info.

Participants stand side on to the wall, one hand with arm extended on the railing or gutter at side of pool. Feet together, facing directly ahead so that body is not twisted, take both legs in a bend, lift legs to touch the wall while keeping original body position. Return feet to the pool floor (important : keep feet and knees together throughout movement. Repeat move for one minute then turn body face the other way place other hand on side of pool (gutter/railing) and repeat exercise to other side. Watch for body alignment, I advise the participants to face directly to th eback of the person in front of them.

I hope this is "understandable". It works the rectus abdominus and obliques.

Cheers from Oz
Dianne English

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From: Sydney (Australia)
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