Abs to make even the tough guys groan!!!

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12618)

Hello everyone! This is my first pattern, so I hope everyone enjoys it!! Thank you to all who submit you are a godsend for ideas!

I teach a 20 minute Core Conditioning twice a week and this is one of my classes. I have a lot of guys in my class and they all groan during my workouts!!

Butterfly crunches (This is when the soles of your feet are touching and knees are lying out to the sides.) Singles, doubles, and have them hold for 10 seconds.

Climb the Rope: they are reaching their hands up like they are climbing a rope. This is slow up for 4 counts and down for for, not letting your shoulders return to the ground and as you are climbing up you are bringing yourself all the way up like a situp.

Plank hip touches (on elbows, directly underneath shoulders) Holding yourself in the plank position you then rotate side to side taking your hips down to touch the ground.

Class all sits in a horizontal line next to each other. Everyone holds themselves in the Boat position (balance on your sit bones, lift your legs and arms up, chest up, back straight) Then pass a medicine ball side to side down the line and back.

Holding yourself up in a basic crunch position with your shoulders off the ground have them crunch around the clock without letting their shoulders touch the ground.

Legs straight out in front, feet together, above the ground, have them spell out the alphabet.

Plank position (on hands, directly underneath shoulders) Alternate bringing knees in center and then across.

Hold in half bicycle position (one elbow over to one knee) Then take other leg straight out in front and lift and lower without letting it touch the ground. Switch sides.

Back extensions-- upper body first-- lift up, take arms out, back in and down. Then lower body--lift legs up, separate them out, back in and down. Then do both upper and lower together.

V-sits: hold them and take arms in front and then to the side and then overhead.

Have them stretch when finished!!!

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you again for all of your ideas!!

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