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Hey everyone! My class loves this one because it is easy to follow but keeps ya moving. Hope you like it!

Pattern first, any explanations follow

Repeat any or all the last steps to top of phrase and then start over on the other leg...

Hopefully the following explanations are not too wordy. I tend to over-word...Please email if you cannot make any sense of it!
Have fun!
Corrie :)

* After teaching the original 'V', I cue a plyometric jump with feet wide for one or both of the V's, either right or left, or both. I let them decide if they want the power

** Travel 1X then straddle down, exit back of box and immediately travel (right or left) and straddle...exit front of step and immediately turn back to other side (right or left, not over the top) before doing the 2 count repeater with jack. Similar to turn straddle turn straddle except there are knees instead of turns.

*** Leg swings are basically a hop-turn with the leg extended out. Always swing leg to the you are swinging the left leg, swing it around to the left.

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