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Combos 1 & 2 may be hard to understand, but try because they are so much fun. The other combos are easy intermediate. My classes love this and I teach advanced and low intermediate. Fits the bill for both. ENJOY!

Class will take you 45 minutes to teach.

1. * Z-step: right steps up to right corner, left steps up to left corner (now both feet are on top of the step) right comes down and left comes down. An 8 count. Hint the foot you begin to Z with is also the foot you shuffle with.

2. ** Right turn lunge knee: never exit and 4 count. *** Step right left knee up and off side finishes off the 8 count. *** Begin box step begins next 8 count and finishes off with the turn step. The Walk over is nothing more than an over travel over but do it walking over. Hint: the foot that begins this combo with the turnstep is also the foot that begins the walk over. **** Learn the run lunge with run on top for 6 then take it to run on top for 3 lunge 4 run 2 more on top.

7. ***** 4 Taps: on corner of the step with power take toe and in a 4 count quickly with same foot-same toe. 1 Tap step/ 2 tap floor near mirror (so that is a straddle tap)/3 tap step with toe/ 4 tap floor. You are back where you started and do a pivot on the floor.

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