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Hi everyone this is my first contribution, hope you enjoy!

I do this whole set on the step, using 128 bpm or slower if you really want to work hard.

Kick a** reverse lunge:
Stand on short side of step, close to the edge reverse lunge down double time count 3x come up 1 knee. I do 4 sets of these staying on one side (16 count).

Then I add 4 front kicks (last knee of the set stays lifted and front kick) to the set. Down 3x with 1 knee (hold) 4 front kicks.

Break sets down to single counts: 1 reverse lunge to 1 knee 4 sets (8 count) last knee holds then do 4 front kicks (8 count).

If their legs aren't jelly by now I add single reverse lunges right to a front kick.

Repeat on opposite side.

Power up side kicks: This is a abbreviated roundhouse kick, so the stance should be just like you would if you were doing a roundhouse kick. (I do these on the floor).

Stand on left leg, lift right knee and hold out to the side. The inside of the right knee should be parallel to the floor. Keep the foot pointed, only moving the knee joint start kicking. I like to do these kicks at a double time pace, so I put on some kicking music (150-160 bpm) and go at it. I started my class out at 30 kicks now we are up to 50. Try to remind the class to keep the knee lifted by 15-20 the knees start to drop. They should feel a good burn in the side of the leg when done.

***These exercises require good balance skills. I use them in my body bar class, I have beginners or those who would like to use the body bar for balance. If you don't have body bars, you can do these on the floor and use the step for balance. Enjoy!

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From: Sacramento, California (USA)
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