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Class is in a circle, facing clock wise

Repeat above, but lead is left

V-step transition, with turn, as above, back to clockwise.

Repeat above but lead is left.

V-step transition, with turn, as above, back to clockwise

Repeat last pattern, including the V-step transitions, and change hamstring curl to knees up

I use the four while I teach this, then I mix it up.

Take the above and "cut it in half", do hustle up twice, then grapevine twice, then do the transition to counterclockwise and repeat the same thing.


Hustle up with hamstring curl, grapevine with hamstring curl, repeat hustle with grapevine 3 more times, V-step transition, then on the the same thing facing counter clockwise. I call these ones singles.

Hope this makes sense. Feel free to email me with any questions. I teach my class from the center of the circle. I like that because I can turn and see all, and also, my class learns to listen to cues, because they don't know where I will be!! I love this one because it moves them around in a very important way....I tell them that I try to confuse them, I "work out" their brains and their bodies. It keeps them on their toes, thinking, and they end up with some lovely fluid movememnt.........Best of luck with it.

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