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Hi all

After pinching many ideas off this site to incorporate into my own classes, thought I'd better start putting some back. Here's one for the abs that just helps a little bit with control - even beginners can do it!

Starting position for a standard situp. Feet flat on the floor in line with the hips not too far away from the body so that hip flexor muscles are relaxed. Keep the spine in its natural position (ie do not push into floor) and pull stomach in tight. Hands on thighs, across chest or by ears depending on level of individual.

Keeping stomach tight come up for one count until shoulders off the floor, then lower body down half-way for one count, pull back up for count 3 and then lower to the floor for count 4. Make the music a bit slower to make these harder.

A nice lower back stretch that I do as part of the stretches in both my abs classes and the rest of my classes. Starting on hands and knees, knees under hips, hands under shoulders. Lower the bottom down onto your heels and then walk the hands forward as far as you go to stretch through the lower back. This is really relaxing and does not force the spine into any unnatural positions.

Ta Ra,

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From: Atherstone, England (United Kingdom)
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