Spice it up

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12668)

A few combos for those of you feeling bored with your current stuff- tapless and self-reversing, of course...

Block One:

Mambo off the west end of the bench (4) over the top long with a rock back (left foot rocks), double knee on the east (short) end of the step and rock back (12), 1/2 L-step home (4), reverse turn or basic (4), up and lunge side to side, exiting the step facing front.

*This is a little tough to get because it's syncopated- you MUST rock back both times to add up to 12 counts*

Block Two:

1/2 revolving door (4), step to the front of the room- away from the step- to mambo the floor and cha cha cha (4) coming back to the step (now you're facing the back of the room), kick (west end- 4), turn straddle (4), kick (facing the front of the room, you're back! 4) and walk down LEFT, RIGHT, turn to the back of the room on the floor and mambo cha cha cha to come back to the step (4), straddle up and down (4), shuffle turn from the straddle position (4).

Block Three:

X-step (8), turning L-step* (8) to face the east wall, knee repeater with optional lunges, straddle down left, right (8), shuffle turn (4), kick (4)

*Turning L-step- step up right (1), left knee up (2), left foot down on west end (3), right foot DOWN and turn to face the back (4), left foot up on west end facing back (5), right knee up (6), exit right, left (7,8). This doesn't change your lead, but it takes the taps OUT! Thank you Stephanie K. :)

Enjoy for now- hope you can use it...

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