Sculpting in a circle

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 12676)

I like have participants leave traditional 'stations'. It's a nice change and allows for socializing among participants. They make friends and enjoy their exercise! They'll come back for more!

Equipment: dumbbells, med balls to share (depends on class size--read on)

Walking lunges with alternating upper body work: with dumbbells in hand, participants create a large circle along outside edges of class, perform walking lunges around room (like wedding march). Add bicep curls, to lunge. Rest arms, continuing with lunges. Repeat biceps 2 or 3 times. (quick stretch)

All participants stop and face the center of room. Perform overhead/military presses. Add squats. Rest arms, continuing squats. Repeat overhead presses 2-3 times.

Crabwalks (may need to modify for some participants) Continuing in circle, place all dumbbells on floor to the side. Sit on floor. Lift body up so that only hands and feet are on floor. 'Walk' with hands and feet around circle. Stop occassionally for tricep dips, lowering body and using arms to lift up. Ow!

Squats with med ball toss. (I suggest they all get a chance to hold the med ball so they know how heavy it is. Also tell them to make sure they have eye contact before tossing the ball!) Break class in circles of a few (or more) participants - depends on class size. One med ball per group. Participants all squat, as you come up from squat, person with the ball throws ball up in the air, as if to throw a basketball into the net, to the next person. Inform 'catcher' to catch ball close to body and squat as he/she catches it. Coming up from squat, toss to next person. Do this until they scream!!! This works shoulders, back, triceps, thighs and butt!!! Wow!!

P.S. you will note that there is repetitive tricep work here.. directly with dips, or indirectly with overhead presses and ball tosses... Lots of legs too... they may be sore, but they'll thank you for it!

I like to finish the class with abs, then stretch... ahhh.. Have fun in circle time!

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From: Medway, Massachusetts (USA)
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