Rolling Hills Drill

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Here is a good drill to throw in. You can use any songs with a moderate to fast tempo. I find that the drill ideas are more helpful to me than the ideas that just list a song and artist (we can all figure out music that we like...). This drill can be done as many times as you like in a row, or take a break after a few, and then come back to the hills...

Start out at 60-70% tension (or moderately hard), seated. Explain that we will be riding through a series of short, but steep hills. (The hills can get longer and steeper in the middle if you like). Tell the class they must use endurance as there will be no breaks for 15 minutes or so (you decide how long). In other words, don't go all out on the first hill or two, or you will not endure. Imagine that you are climbing up a hill, slide back in your seat, drop your heels and climb. Half way up the hill, tell them they can stand if they like and finish the hill. Then it's a downhill, seated, fast hammer.* Do NOT touch your tension -- this is the hard part. Keep inspiring your class with talking about downhill so psychologically it feels easier, but it's killer. Then, get ready to climb the next hill, and SLOW the legs down, and slide back in the saddle. Repeat as many times as you like *we usually do at least 3 rollling hills in a row, and then they might ask for one or two more. You can time the hills: 15 seconds up, and 15 seconds down, or 30 seconds up, 30 down, etc. play around with it, and have fun. It will challenge the experienced and you should have songs they can sing to...
Have fun!

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