Jazzy Joe Combos (Sonia's #29)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12709)

This is not a routine, but variations on the Jazzy Joe. All are right foot lead, 32 counts, self-reversing, tapless and done on a horizontal step. Foot patterns follow each combo as the Jazzy Joe is not done quite the same in combo 3 as in 1 and 2. The Jazzy Joe always starts with your side to the step at the corner.

Jazzy Joe, combo 1

Repeat with a left lead.

Jazzy Joe: (1,2) walk diagonally right/left on the step, (3,4) keep walking diagonally on the floor away from the step right/left, (5) right foot steps forward, (6) left foot crosses over the right, (7,8) right foot steps back, left foot steps back.

Pony: (1,2) quick right, left, right, (3,4) quick left, right, left. This is also called a cha cha cha or triple step. You must turn in the lead direction to get back to the step. You will still be on the right lead as you approach the step.

Double move: Use any double move that you want. Some call these a double repeater.

Rock 'n' fly: (1-4) right lead rocking horse (5,6) hop turn over the step, (7,8) exit home left and right. Keep this as near to the corner as possible to put you in a position to repeat the combo left.

Jazzy Joe, combo 2

On the first mambo you still have your back to the step. The chas turn you to face the step again. The lunges are just indecision lunges, but as you exit you turn to keep the lead side to the step.

Jazzy Joe, combo 3

Jazzy Joe variation: (1,2) walk diagonally on the step right/left, (3,4) keep walking diagonally on the floor right/left, (5) right foot steps forward, (6) left foot crosses over right, (7) right foot steps back and at the same time you begin to turn around the left shoulder, (8) left foot steps toward the step as right foot lifts. NOTE: It really does not matter which direction you turn in. Experiment to see what is comfy for you! You just need to end up with your lead side to the step.

T-step: (1,2) step up right/left, (3,4) straddle down right/left, (5,6) step up right/left, (7,8) exit the narrow end right/left.

Split lunge: (1,2) step up right/left, (3,4,5,6) lunge right off the home side and up, lunge left off the front side and up, (7,8) straddle down right/left. Could also lunge behind you (split basic).

Double knee walkback: (1) step right, (2,3,4) repeat the left knee 2x, (5-8) walk back around the narrow end left/right/left/right.

Email any questions or comments. You know I love to hear from you! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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