Mambo/Lunge Extravaganza

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12711)

All sections are 32-count and reverses at the end of all four parts. Description is for the right foot. Step is horizontal.





At this point you should be on your left foot to start at the top.

* Right foot mambo on left corner of step, cha-cha moving diagonally to the back, left foot mambo on floor and cha-cha back to the front

** Right foot shuffle around SW corner of step (back to step), turn (face step) and left foot shuffle around NW corner of step, turn (back to step) and right foot shuffle around NE corner of step, turn (face step) and left foot shuffle around SE corner of step and now you're home to start the corner kicks

*** Squat left foot on floor, right foot on step, pendulum: hop on step with left foot (right foot out to side), hop to the right foot (left foot out to side) and back to squat then shuffle across. The pedulum should be should be counts 3,4.

**** Slow squat right (1,2), bring right knee up and hold (3,4), right foot lunges back (5,6), bring right knee up and hold (7,8). Then tap down and start the corner knee with the right knee.

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