Lots of Hoppin'

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12713)

Starting with right lead...


* Hop over-hop side:
     12      34
Right foot is available, you will double hop over the bench 
(facing side wall) 1,2 then on your left foot (now facing the 
front) you will double hop to the side 3,4. Your right foot 
should be available for the next move...

** Toe Toe-cha cha cha:
    1   2    3and4
Right foot taps left corner then taps right corner 1,2. 
The cha cha cha part is just some quick foot work that gets 
your left foot available, 3and4, for the next move...

*** Cha Cha "V":
     12    34
Left foot starting, this move is in essence a "slow V", 12 34. 
Instead of taking two counts for the "V" on the bench, you 
will take four. Adding some "attitude" like leading with the 
hip and stuttering your feet on the bench is the "cha cha" 
part. You will stay on top of the bench to start the last 
part of the combo...

**** Hip Rock:
Rocking to the left first, you exit from the step rocking your 
body side to side for four counts. So count 5 starts as you 
exit from the step to the floor, 6 is rock to the right, 
7 to the L, and 8 to the right.

You are in position to begin the combo with the left foot leading now.

Let me know how it works out for you if you use it!!!

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From: Channahon, Illinois (USA)
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