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Hello all! I am excited that everyone is coming back to 45 minute lunch time classes. Here's a fun one to try.

Pattern first, explanations follow.

(can repeat on left lead or continue...)

(can repeat from glute lift, end facing front or continue)

*V-steps: After teaching them the first time through on both leads, I give them the option to 'jump' on top with legs in a V. It gives those that want the extra power a little gift.

**Walk over: I don't know what everyone calls this. You are facing the front of the step and step up, up then step off the front of the step still facing the front. Your lead leg starts the mambo.

***Walk around: This flows real well because if you are teaching the self-reverse or not the jack can be neutral. Example: You just did the 2 jacks and are ready to walk back 'home'...If you are wanting a right lead you step first with the right leg around the left end of the step and back home. Vice-versa if wanting a left lead, you step first with left leg around the right end of the step.

I hope if any of you use this and find any explanations confusing you feel free to email. Sometimes things make sense to me but maybe only in MY head!! I welcome all emails, thanks to all who write in!!!

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From: Thompsons Station, Tennessee (USA)
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