Lethal Leslie #15

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12729)

It's been a while. Bench is horizontal. Tapless.

Warm up

*Mambo mambo from the top of the step - it's like the 6 count mambo, right lead, your right knee should be up in the air from the 2 knee's on top, right foot to floor and left foot lifts slightly off the step (1), left foot on top (2), right foot on top (3), left foot to floor and right foot lifts slightly (4), right foot on top (5), left foot on top (6), exit right left (7,8). Note the mambos are to the back of the room.

Combo #1

Combo #2

Combo #3

*V box cha cha - up in a V-step right left (1,2), right foot crosses over left foot and goes to the floor at left end of step (3), left foot to the floor beside right foot (4), cha cha cha to right corner (5 & 6)

Combo #4

* Reverse here there - similar to a V-step one on step one to back of room but you do it in a reverse turn instead. Got this move from this sight. Thanks

* Wander over and back - can do 2 basics instead. Right foot on step (1), left foot swings over top of step and hop on right foot on top of step (2), left foot on floor in front of step (3), right foot to floor in front of step (4), left foot on step (5), right leg lifts and swings back home while hoping on left foot (6) exit home right left (7,8)

* Repeat out in in center of step - right foot up (1), left knee up (2), left knee turns out to face left wall (3) left knee back to center (4), left foot taps floor (5), left knee again (6) exit left right (7,8)

Combo #5

* L-step box - right foot to left corner (1), left knee up (2), left foot down (3), right knee up (4), right foot crosses in front of left foot and goes to floor (5) left foot steps back a little (6), cha cha cha to right corner (7 & 8) (the 5, 6 is the box step)

* Stomp step over stomp - I got this idea from this sight. I think I just changed it a little. Stomp right corner one time, march in place left right left right (4 counts) stomp left corner one time. That's what I start with then all I change is the march. Instead of marching in place I march over the step. So the next part of the explanation will be the whole thing broken down in counts and changing the march: left foot stomps right corner and right foot lifts slightly (1), right foot to floor (2), left foot to floor at left corner (3), right foot straddling step on floor in front of step (4) (you should now be straddling the step), left foot to floor at left corner facing the back of the room (5), right foot stomps left corner still facing the back and left foot lifts slightly (6), left foot to floor (7), right foot to floor (8). Now if your participants don't want to walk over the step, they can march in place and instead of the get up get down next they can just come up and lunge 2 and exit all facing the front.

* Get up get down - it's just coming up and lunging for two. But before you do this you are facing the back and you have to get home. So, left foot to right corner (1), right foot up like the start of a reverse turn but you feet aren't as wide (2), you should now be facing the front again, lunge 2 to home and exit home (3-8)

I hope I have explained everything o.k.. I'll try to post more again. Email with any questions or comments.

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