Double step "L"

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 12722)

This is a double step pattern with the steps in the shape of an "L". All patterns are self-reversing and tapless. All patterns can be simplified to use just one step. I teach it on the horizontal step then halfway through class I add the second step. Have fun! It's a great class.

   H    *
      A *

Combo 1

*Travel kick---step kick on H bench then turn back towards A bench step kick (8) Repeater knee on A bench. Do the whole combo on A bench. Step kick on A bench and turn and step kick on H bench to get you back home.

Combo 2

*V-step: V-step on H bench, move and V-step on both benches and move and V-step on A bench. The basic will be on A with left lead and move the V-steps back to H.

Combo 3

*Stomp 2/1: Stomp right foot twice on H bench right corner turn to A bench and stomp 1 time on right corner. Finish the combo on the A bench.

I hope this makes sense. It's sometimes hard to explain things. It's alot easier than it sounds. My classes actually got this quicker than a regular step class. Thanks for all the great ideas!! Email me with any ????!

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From: Columbus, Georgia (USA)
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