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All of my submissions will be 32 count, self-reversing routines. I will use the moves as defined in the turnstep dictionary...which will hopefully make these easy to follow. If you don't understand something please email or figure it out with practice.

Self-reversing to me means....all moves start with right foot lead all the way thru the 32 and automatically set you up with a left foot lead to do the same moves on the left side.





(this one needs to be done on both sides to be 32 count)

Repeat above on left side for 32 count

There are about 4 more segments to this routine and my class really loves it. I usually teach one part until they GET IT and then I add the second part...and I put them together and we keep going until we are doing the whole routine. I hope this is not confusing...I get frustrated on this site when I can't figure out what the heck some of you are trying to say. My advice is KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETIE
Thanks to those who do.
Rock on!!!!!!!

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From: Columbus AFB, Mississippi (USA)
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