Have another V good one

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13330)

Hiya everyone

I submitted this pattern ages and ages ago (before my tapless step days), but have dug it out again and changed it slightly to make it tapless!!

The steps are placed in an upside down V shape like this:

                             X X
               Neighbour    X   X  Home
                           X     X
                          X  You  X

Combo 1

Repeat other side

Combo 2

Repeat other side

Combo 3

Repeat other side

Combo 4

Repeat other side

*V cha cha cha: (1-2) step up wide right and left, (3&4) cha cah cha the feet together on the step

**Basic cha cha cha: (1-2) step up, up, (3&4) cha cha cha down, up, down, repeat [option: as you step up, up, turn to face the back, then cha cha cha, as you step up, up again turn back to face the front]

***Crossover: (1) step up right, (2) cross the left leg over the right on the step, (3-4) exit right and left

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