Magic Legwork

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Hi. This is just adding some personality to some stabilising work, but people always smile through it - well the first leg anyway.

Begin by asking the class to raise their hand if they believe in magic. Promise them that they will all believe at the end of this exercise.

I set up the exercise by getting everyone to do 8, 4, 2, single heel taps and side taps and gradually cutting it down. Ultimately we get to 1 heel, 1 side on the same leg and repeat for a few blocks of 32 while supporting body weight on the other leg. (ie. we stay balanced on the supporting leg for like 64 or 96 counts)

I say to the class that I am going to "magically" work the leg they are just standing on, that they are not even doing anything with! (although some of them know it's working in a stabilising role and is going to hurt like hell soon). All they have to do for my "magical muscle powers" to work is to keep doing those alternating heel and side taps.

Do single taps/ steptouchs etc to give legs a break for a minute and then use opposite leg as stabiliser. You can explain the isometric contraction if you want while working the second side.

Email me if you too believe after this one!

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