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Hi! I am all about this web site and take patterns from it constantly so I thought I'd add. I've just started teaching senior Aqua aerobics and we don't have lots of equipment for the class so I've made the ladies buy a noodle and a kickboard. (About a $5 investment into the class) I use the noodle to let them sit on and do races across the pool, but the kickboard has proven the most versatile...


Standing in a lunge position if you hold the board in front of you in the water so that the board is perpendicular, or makes a "T", with the water line and push the board forward and pull it back it works chest and back at the same time.

If you bend at the waist and lean forward with your elbows out and push down on the board it works like a chest press.

If you let the board float in front of you and keeping your elbows as straight as possible push the board down in an arc until the board hits your legs it works you back like doing a barbell pullover.


If you stand up straight and let the board float and again pushing down in an arc until it hits your legs keeping your elbows in it works the triceps like a push down.


We do biceps without the board just holding the arms out of the water and pulling the forearms up to the shoulders.


To work the shoulders we raise the board overhead and do shoulder presses. We also hold the kickboard inches above the water for a minute. They've worked up to it and it really burns! We also hold the kickboard to each side for a minute at a time.

Hope this helps!

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