Ball Blitzing!!

This is a Ball pattern from (pattern 13371)

Start over your ball in plank position (pliates) so you should look like a table top. Easy option more legs on ball Harder just feet on ball. Keep breathing throughout, hold for 20 seconds. Repeat about 4 times holding 10 seconds longer each time.

Once your class has mastered this get them to lift 1 leg and hold for 10 seconds then changes legs without coming off the ball!!!!

From that you can take them into press ups but time play it!! 2 counts for 8 reps then 4 counts then try 8 counts, your class will love you for it.

Then jack knife. Ensure all of class have just feet on ball keeping plank position. Roll knees towards chest keeping their bottoms down NOT high up in the air arn roll back out to plank. Again time play 2 counts, 4counts then finish with 8 counts.

Roll outs. Kneeling with ball infront of you place fists on ball level with navel arms almost straight. Imagine that you have a rod running through the top of your head down to you hips, "Lock" your core muscles and while rolling the ball away from you lean forwards with ball maintaining straight body alignment. To come back to upright (without sticking your Bottom out behind you!!!) use abs to bring you back up and dig arms into ball back to starting position. Again 2 counts, 4 & 8!!

Lay on back with legs out straight on ball. Lift hips so that you are in a straight line arms out to the side. Keeping hips up, roll the ball towards your bottom digging heels in the back out to start position! Time play 2,4 & 8 counts then let them have a short rest. Do again but with only 1 leg!!

Hope that has given you some ideas to play with!! Any questions please contact me


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