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Hey Hey! Everyone had their vacations except you? Are you teaching everyone else's class while they are at the beach?? Why not bring the beach experience to the pool? You might announce to the class to first wear their brightest swimsuit, funkiest sunglasses, and complete the ensemble with 'bullfrog' across the nose to prevent that sunburn (I teach outdoors in the summer!)

If you have bouyancy balls available, set up a make shift volleyball team with an imaginary net- The students love it when they get a good volley going. Carry a whistle, make them feel like they are out on the beach! Noodle races are also fun, or have them bring their floats from their last vacation and let them pull or push each other around...they have fun while getting a lot of exercise. Circles are fun, we do the hokey-pokey sometimes, especially if I forget to bring my boom-box, and on the fourth of July I have everyone sing the national anthem with me! Since there are usually more women than men, I make sure the men get to same attention they would get on the beach...since most of the male atendees to my classes are over 80 (lol) they leave feeling good about themselves! Attention from women! What 80 year old man wouldn't just love that!

Anyway, keep it fun until you get your break. If you are experiencing burnout, maybe you just need a fun break. The class will break you out of your funk because they will be telling you how awesome the class was!

Happy teaching! Thank you to everyone who emails...they are always welcome!

Corrie : )

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