Lower abs blast!

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13384)

Start off with lying on your back, lying on a bench with your butt at the end, on an incline bench with your head at the top, hanging from a pull-up bar or straps.

You start by doing flutter kicks for a minute (kick your legs up and down in a very small motion). If you are on the floor, bench, or incline bench hold your legs 6 inches off parallel to the floor. If your hanging then hold your legs about parallel to the floor but a little bit downward.

After that minute is done, move to leg lifts up to a 45 degree angle if your on the floor, bench or incline bench. If your hanging then bring your legs straight down and bring it back parallel to the floor. Again, do this for a minute.

Then after leg lifts, you move to scissor kicks where you once again hold them at the positionm for flutter kicks but instead of kicking them up and down, you open and close them as if they were scissors.

After your done with 3 minutes you may rest up to 30 seconds or don't rest at all and repeat. Try and repeat this 5 times

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