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This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 13398)

Hi again. This is a pattern that makes the participantstired, and knowing what to expect (well almost know what to expect).

After the warm up, start with one pattern (eg. Side step 8x right & left, 4x right & left, 2X right & left, finally, 1x [which turns into step tap] 8x

Then add another pattern (eg. Kick front moving forward 8x, side kick moving backwards 8x Repeat, then repeat facing each direction)

Then add another pattern (eg. Cross country ski 8x facing front, side, back, and side. Rocking horse 4x in place 6x moving forward, 6x moving backwards, 4x to face the front Reverse)

Then start from the beginning ("the top") and then add on another pattern (eg. Knee lifts moving forward 8x, curl moving backwards 8x Repeat, Repeat facing each direction)

Then start from the top, add on another pattern and keep going.

It's just a bit hard sometimes to remember what you did, so you can have your students help you remember. Have one student remember the first part, another the second, and so on. The students can yell out the pattern if you wish, or just tell you so you can cue it.

Good luck! email me it you have any questions

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From: Tinley Park, Illinois (USA)
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