Power Punches on the Bag!

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13414)

This is for all those classes out there that use bags and gloves! Bag Workouts Rock.. keep the ideas coming..

Once warmed up... face bag head on. Knees bent, abs tight. #1-Begin with alternating uppercuts on the bag. Put your hips into it! After two 10 counts, add alternating ridgehands. (Tell them to keep those elbows bent and thumbs tucked underneath. Very important to use proper form here.) Ridgehands are very powerful strikes. A lot of aggression can be released! Major stress reliever!

Combo will now be:
Alternating ridgehands high
Alternating uppercuts low

Change it up to:
Alternating ridgehands high
Alternating hooks high

At this point.. they will be getting a good arm workout. Let's keep adding on.. continuously...

Left side toward the bag: Left hand knife strike on bag... low then high. So its a two count strike. Remember knees are bent and back hand (your right) is up in a guard position. Never drop your guard! This really works the shoulders. I do about 30 seconds to a minute before switching to the right side.

Fingers are pointed straight out and pressed together tightly.
Thumb is bent and laying against your palm so it is not sticking out.
It looks like you are holding up just the 4 fingers. Ridgehands comes across to strike. Elbow must stay slightly bent as your strike target. You make contact at the small meaty part of your hand between your thumb and 1st finger. Thrown effeciently it can be extremely powerful.


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