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Hi all this is my first post. I used this combo in my class on Wednesday (6-4) The class really seemed to enjoy it so I figured I would share. The pattern is very simple (I'm a new instructor) and extremely easy to cue.

The moves are from my point of view and I mirror my class so when I say back they are moving forward. (I hope that makes sense)

Pendulum on the spot. I stay here until I feel the class is comfortable with this move

Repeat 2x

Using the same pattern as above: after the four jacks at the end of the base pattern I have them do jacks OTD (on the dime) first turning left then turning right

Repeat 2x

On this round I change the pendulums to hee haws. (kick one leg out to the side and push hands down in the middle as if you were holding the reins to a horse, alternating legs.)

Repeat 2x

*Jacks: I usually vary the types of jacks I use. On the first round I keep it simple with just plain old regular jacks, then as I progress I may have them do crossover jacks (cross hands and feet), corner jacks, or touch their hands in front and in back. It just depends on the mood of the class.

I hope you can use this and your class enjoys it as much as mine did!

Happy Aerobisizing!

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