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Hi All,

Here's my latest:

Advanced - Tapless
bench is horizontal
64 count self-reversing
cross phrasing where indicated
assumes a right lead

Combo I

Total 64 counts

* Weave over, tapless over the top right foot on bench, left foot crosses behind exit on other side of bench.

** 1/2 turn , up, up only (2) then split back (2 back lunges) (4) exit to floor (2)

*** Crab - toward end of bench, step up, right, left (2) do 2 stomps off side of bench (4), exit back to home side of bench (2)

Combo II

Total 64 counts

* Richochet - side approach step up right, left, touch right foot to the floor on other side of bench, step down, left, right (6) do 1 jack on floor (2)

** Reverse pivot - you are on the back side of the bench, facing the back wall, when you do the 2 charleston kicks in the center of the step, simply put your foot back up onto the bench and pivot toward your back.

Combo III (Cross Phrasing)

Total 64 counts

* Knee straddle, knee of small end. After you do the first knee straddle, you do a second one and exit off the small end of the bench, so that you bench is now behind you. Then do the 4 hops to take you back to facing front.

** A-step straddle. Instead of doing a regular A-step which has a tap, straddle down, instead of exiting on the other side of the bench

Combo IV

Total 64 counts

* Revolving door is a tap free over the top, as you go over, you turn your body so that you are facing the opposite direction.

** Reverse split back (just like a regular split back), but you turn your body (follow you right or left shoulder) and do your lunges off the back of step.

I hope you all enjoy this, email me with questions.


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