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I just love all of the ideas I get from this site and wanted to add a little something. This is one of the outlines for my sports conditioning class. I'm ALWAYS looking for new sports exercises, so if you have any please email me!!

For a warm-up I have them do calf raises, squats, lunges, and a back warm up. I then have them jog around the room for about five minutes and then we stretch.

Then I split the class up to each wall. So if there's 16 people I have four people at each wall. Each wall is assigned an exercise...

Each wall does their exercise until the group running is done with their five laps. Once they have finished everyone rotates one wall clockwise. After they have completed each wall I have them do the rotation again but this time the people running are doing three sprints (down and back is only one- so I guess it could be considered 6 sprints).

After this I give them a much needed water break :)
Then I break them into groups, maybe four groups of four or whatever is appropriate. I don't like to have more than four people per group because then there's too much lag time. I can get about seven groups of four to fit. Once they are in groups I have them do relay races.

After that I have them pair up and do one of a couple of things
* either one partner does a wall sit while the other person does lunges down and back and then they switch
* or I have one partner put their hands out in front of them while their partner does high knees and then they switch- I have them do this for 30 second intervals and have them switch three times.

Then I have them do alternating pushups and sit-ups...

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