Sassy Step - VeRtiCaL!!!!

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Begin standing behind your bench facing forward. Each combination begins with a right lead and then is repeated on the left; however, all patterns are self-reversing. Have fun!

Combo 1

(repeat on the left)

Combo 2

(repeat on the left)

Combo 3

(repeat on the left)

*This is at least what I call it...but it's basically a basic that you straddle out of.

**For the double knee walk behind, you do just what it says...two knees, then walk backward behind the small end of your step. This is an eight count move. My class usually likes to add a turn when they walk around the end of the bench.

***Immediately after the second shuffle turn, mambo your right foot, then turn to the back of the room and cha cha, do another mambo, this time on the left - facing the back of the room at a diagonal. Then turn back to your step and do a moving cha cha to return.

****Stomp go forward stomp come back is the way I cue it. (this move can also go around the step, however it would take me hours to try and explain it! haha) Anyway, for this move, the left foot basically stomps on top of the step (1), the right foot stomps on the floor (2), The left foot then stomps on the floor in front of the right foot (3), the right foot stomps in place again (4), the left foot then moves back to stomp on top of the step once more (5), the right foot stomps in place (6) The left foot stomps behind the right foot on the floor (7) and the right foot steps in place again (8) I promise it's a VERY easy move...just a little hard to explain! :o)

Hope you like it and can use it in your classes! My class loved it, and said it felt like they were dancing. Please email me with any questions! ~H

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From: Indiana (USA)
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