Sports Conditioning II

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First drill...I partner my class up and have one partner do 20 push-ups while their partner sprints down and back until they are done with their push-ups. They then switch and do this a total of two times. Then I have the one partner do 20 dips while their partner shuffles down and back the length of the room until they are done with their dips. They switch and do this a total of two times. I then have them do the same thing but alternating between 20 squats with weights while their partner sprints down the length of the room and back peddles back until their partner is done doing 20 squats.

Second drill...Still with their partner...One partner gets into position as if they are getting ready for a track and field sprint (both hands are on the floor and they are in position for the "gun" to go off). While they are in this position I yell either "up" or "down"...if I yell up they lift up as if they are getting ready to sprint. If I yell down they put their knee back down. I yell up and down about six times...I then yell SPRINT and they have to sprint down and back two times. The partners then switch and I do the same thing with them...I do this twice with each person so they can alternate their leading leg- for fitness purposes of course. I hope this made sense.:)

Third drill...Still with their partner...I have them put a weight down on the floor. They then take ten natural steps and put a second weight on the floor. There usually ends up being about 7-10 feet between the weights. For 30 second intervals I have the partners switching off doing figure eight sprints around the weights. So if A goes first they are sprinting between the two weights making a big figure eight and when I yell switch "B" jumps in and does the figure eight sprints for 30 seconds and so on. I usually have them do this four times each---it's a toughy but a goody! Since this is a partner theme outline I would then have them partner up doing sit-ups.

Hope you get something from this. Please do not hesitate to contact me if something doesn't make's hard to put these things in words. I teach a sports conditioning class and am always looking for new ideas - if you have any, please send them to me! :)

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