Totally Toned Sculpting Class II

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Hi everybody - I haven't submitted a pattern lately and thought I would add a new total body sculpting pattern. Thanks to all of you who have emailed me. I am awed. Thanks to those from whom I have borrowed patterns. :)

Warm up pattern of your choice, and light stretching to start.

Have your class form a circle around the perimeter of the room. Have them get the heaviest weight they can use and still maintain good form and start walking lunges, alternating legs. When you get to the place you started, stop, and do 15 squats, (cueing them to keep toes forward, abs tight, back tall, and shoulders down), then do 15 double time squats. Return to walking lunges, lunge, lift leg in back, alternate to other leg, lunge, lift leg to back around to your starting place. (Beginning to get the idea?) Then do plie squats 15 singles, 15 doubles. (Cue them to keep abs tight, back straight, push through the heels and glutes when rising from squat) ALWAYS REMIND THEM TO CONTINUE TO BREATH :) Next have them stand next to a wall, behind a chair, use a step stood up lengthwise, hold onto whatever prop you use with both hands, with no weights. Have them stand on tiptoes and squat, reminding them to watch that the knees are not going over the toes, 15 single and 15 double time tiptoe squats. Tiptoe squat and lift right leg to side, repeat left side, 15 of each. Tiptoe squat and lift right leg behind you, repeat to right side 15 of each. Stretch the legs.

The push up is (in my opinion) the single best chest exercise. Stay in your circle with everyone facing each other. Tell them they can do the beginner move (on all fours, abs tight, head neutral, nose to floor), the intermediate move (on hands and knees, body long, abs tight, hands underneath shoulders, head neutral, nose to floor), or the advanced move (on hands and toes, body straight, back straight, abs tight, hands under shoulders, head neutral, nose to floor). Have them do 15 singles, come halfway down and pulse for 15. Stretch it back. Repeat at least once more. Have them lie on their backs with the heaviest weight they can use and still keep good form, and do 15 bench presses and change immediately to 15 flys, rest, and repeat at least once. Stretch the chest

Have them stand and face each other. Let them get a weight that they can handle in a standing bent over row. Have them hip hinge and keep the back as flat as possible, the weights down in front of the body, the knees soft, and the head lifted. Bring the weights up to just below the rib cage, squeezing the shoulder blades together 15 reps. Now have them stand and do upright rows (weights down in front of legs, palms toward legs, pulling up, elbows out, shoulder height, and squeezing the shoulders blades together) for 15 reps. Repeat bent over row and upright row. Stretch back

Stand facing each other, arms down beside legs, palms facing legs, and do a lateral raise, as you lift arms up shoulder height, drop thumbs to floor 15 reps. Immediately do 15 military presses. Repeat lateral, and military presses at least once. If time permits do front raises for 15 reps. Stretch shoulders

Have them use the heaviest weight they can and do full range of motion bicep curls for 15 reps, now do 15 hammer curls. Repeat both front and hammer curls. Immediately switch to tricep kickbacks cueing them to bend at waist, keep knees soft, elbows are only a hinge they do not move for 15 reps, then do 15 overhead or french presses cueing them to keep elbows close to head. Repeat both kickbacks and overhead presses. Stretch

Have the lie on their backs, keeping lower back flat on floor. Have them visualize belly button to spine, with a really light weight (I mean wimpy) in both hands, arms over head, crunch up to a two count up and down two counts for 15, one count up and down for 15, isometric hold for 15 seconds, then pulse up for 15. Now have them take legs straight out, hold weight to chest, lift the shoulders, and do flutter kicks. (like you are in the pool and using small kicks) OUCH!!! Go back to basic crunch with no weights for 15, isometric hold for 15, pulse for 15. Do oblique twists 30 on each side, and finish with legs in the air, reaching right arm to left pinky toe, left arm to right pinky toe for one full minute. Stretch

Stretch out the entire body now

This class is long, but you can modify it to meet your time limit by cutting down on the amount of reps. ALWAYS cue your class to breath. I also tell them if the last two reps of any exercise are too easy they need to use heavier weights. I hope this helps anyone out there and I welcome feedback. Thanks so much for your time. :)

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