Slammin' step

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Each part is 64 counts. I usually teach Part I on a right lead, then left. Then Part II right and left. Then put them together. Then move on to Part III right and left. Etc.......

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

* Kick cha cha -- step onto the step (1), kick the opposite foot (2), then immediately cha cha (3 and 4), and then walk for 4 counts in a circle so you finish exactly where you started

* Up and lunge 4 -- this is way more fun if you have them spiral the step as you are lunging. So you go up up (1,2), lunge 1 behind (3 and), spin to face the back of the room and lunge 2 more (4 and 5 and), keep spinning to face the front again and lunge one last time (6 and), then exit (7,8)

* Jog 4 -- after the double knee, you jog for 2 behind the step, then immediately hop over the step while spinning your body and jog 2 more. But make sure you stay in that same corner because you are immediately going to do a glute swing back over the step. If this is too confusing, you can just jog 4 in place, switch sides and do a regular glute squeeze, and then switch sides again and do 1 knee.

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