Double Trouble

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 13304)

Steps are horizontal

____________    _____________
  1 (home)            2
(I prefer to use numbers- it is shorter and easier to say!)

Repeat left lead

Repeat left lead

Repeat left lead

Repeat left lead

*The Stomp: one peg leg (chug) on #2, walk walk, 2 peg legs on home, walk walk to #2

**Chasse Joe: chasse one time as in a chasse turnstep (hesitation turn) walk walk from side of bench, pivot, walk walk back to bench

***Curb Walk (or bi-level): one foot goes up, straddle with hammer hop-(or weave) over the top with 1 leg swinging behind (up, straddle,swing leg behind) with cha cha to home-up, straddle, up, turn to home and cha-cha big

****Knee Waltz: step knee, walk walk turning to back of room and mambo cha cha back to bench

This routine is based on ideas I got from all of you, as are most of my routines. Thanks and email me with questions!

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From: Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
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