#2Vertical Step - Up, Over and Around

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13316)


Repeat left


Repeat left


Double knee pushover: this is a two-knee repeater and an over the top in one move. Lead leg on bench, rear leg does two-knee repeater, keeping lead leg on bench, and then go over the top.

Walk the step: this is a stomp with lead foot on bench, tap rear foot, mambo forward on floor with lead leg, stomp on bench with lead leg, tap rear foot, and mambo back on floor with lead leg.

Up, up and 6 lunges (side approach, right leg lead): step right foot up on bench, left foot up on bench (1,2), lunge to side to side (right (3,4) and left (5,6)), the lunge back off short end of bench (right (7,8) and left(9,10)), then lunge side to side again (right (11,12) and left (13,14)) and exit off bench right and left on 15 and 16. Reverses to left lead.

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