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In my kickboxing classes, I tend to alternate between lower body and upper body moves. Here is an arm combo that my classes love.

Start with a wide stance, guard up and lean side to side alternating toe taps on the floor. After three taps, travel right one step and repeat, something like this...

Tap right, tap left, tap right, step right. Then...

Tap left, tap right, tap left, step left. Repeat. (I cue it 3 taps, 2 taps 1 tap travel, 3 taps 2 taps 1 tap travel)

Keep this foot pattern for the rest of the combo.

Adding arms...3 jabs and travel, jabbing with the same arm as the foot is tapping...

Right, left, right travel.. left, right, left travel.

Once they get comfortable with the rhythem, have them add snap/quickness/power to the jabs, you can also make the travel step a hop or quick shuffle. The tapping toe helps release the tension on the knee when you start putting more power behind the punches.

Change the jab to crosses, then hooks or body blows and lastly uppercuts. When their arms are about to drop change the punches to a combo...jab, cross, hook, travel and jab, cross, uppercut, travel.

I hope this makes sense. I love the site and I'm glad to be giving something back. Have fun and let me know what you think. Kate

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