Horizontal - Up, Over, and Around

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13319)


Repeat left


Repeat left


Repeat left


Repeat left (with left lead, you begin facing west on back of bench)


Repeat left


Repeat left

All patterns are 32 counts and are self-reversing.

Basic up and over: up, up, right and left (1,2), then step down right and left (3,4) in front of bench. So now, bench is behind you.

Exit home: also called "finish the L-step". Lead foot steps up on short end of bench, rear foot knee comes up, then step down,(rear, lead) to home.

Kick and move: step up and kick (1,2), walk back three steps (3,4,5), kick other leg (6), walk forward two steps (7,8)

Knee smash move: same thing as a kick and move but with knees. Have class pull arms down and across to get some oblique action.

Superman turn: this is a diagonal across, but you extend your non-lead leg back and turn during the diagonal so you end facing the opposite direction from where you started.

Curb walk: this is a stomp, straddle, stomp, mambo. Stomp once, tap bottom foot, straddle bench with lead, tap bottom foot, stomp, tap bottom foot, mambo back with lead leg.

Walk the plank: whatever leg leads the basic right before this will lead the walk. Lead leg steps up, other leg follows (1,2), step down off other short end of bench on 3,4.

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