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Hi everyone! This is my first time adding to the site. I use it a lot though so I figured it was time to "give back". These are drills I use in my 6 AM class. These drills work really well in big aerobic rooms

Warm up - slow jog up/back lengthwise - we have a center post in our aerobics room so sometimes I have them turn at the post and run backwards. Then circle up and do jumping jacks. I count 1-2-3 they yell "1" I count 1-2-3 they yell "2" and so on for however many jacks you want them to do - then stretch all muscles but legs really well

Drill 1 70's - They line up facing a wall - I count to 70 for each part of this drill. They do: wall jumps (jump up and down touching the wall continuosly). Then on the floor for bicycles. Turn over for mountain climbs. Then pushups - when they're done they have to jump up and run to the opposite wall - they turn around and face the wall they just left and do football runs - when everybody is football running they run back to the wall and do wall sits until I go to 80's or 90's your choice! Sometimes I count slow sometimes I count fast depends on whether I catch anybody slacking!!

Drill 2 lateral shuffle drill - they are facing the front of the room. They start lateral shuffling right and left - they switch when I tell them to. I'll say football run and they have to slap the floor and come up in a football run. (No bending at the back here, they must use their legs to reach the floor) Next I'll have them lateral shuffle all the way to the right - when they can't go any further, they are all lined up one behind the other in a football run - when I say Sprint they all turn facing lengthwise and take off in a sprint. They keep sprinting until I tell them to stop

Drill 3 Lateral shuffle with chest pass (stability or medicine ball) They partner up and lateral shuffle passing the ball back and forth. When they reach the other end they must sprint back to the beginning. They must always have someone at the beginning. If you have an odd number then they either do a 3-man weave or you'll have to pair up

Drill 4 High knees/squat - bands. Pair up again. 1st person puts the band around their waist - partner is behind them holding onto both ends. Start high knees while the holder does squats. High knees for 30 seconds. I cue the high knee people to grab hold of the band at the waist because my next cue is Go and the squat person let's go of the band (holding onto the band prevents "snapping" ouch) High knee person sprints down lengthwise and sprints back and then they switch.

Drill 5 Sprints - divide into two group one group at each end. I use down/set/go and the first group sprints. When they reach the other end the second group is going down and then set/go. If anybody false starts, that whole group does pushups. They keep sprinting until I think they're tired!

I have lots more stuff so if you are interested let me know. Also, I constantly ask my class questions, like "are you all right" "do you understand the directions" if all of them don't answer they have to run a suicide also called line drill. I have a lot of fun trying to sneak questions in on them. I also allow them to bank suicides. Whenever a new person comes in I make them learn everyones name. They have as long as they need to do it (or as long as I think they need)! I'll put everyone in some kind of holding pattern and the new person will have to tell me everyones name if they get any wrong we start tracking # of suicides they have to do. If they get them all right then they have one in the bank. It's really fun to watch them try to cheat when the new person can't remember their name!

This is very intense because I make them run against the stopwatch a lot. Although generally not for beginners, they can participate - just keep a close eye on them and encourage them! Correct form is a must so watch that too!! Any questions about anything drop me an email. Have fun!

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