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Hello! I teach a Boot Camp class that is kind of an extreme fitness class. I have a few guys in it who use it for helping them train for marathons. Definitely for advanced participants.

I usually split the class time into two rounds, so we go through the course twice, but the second time through we cut the time in half on some things.

Warm-up: walking or jogging laps on the track for 5 minutes


Fast feet while instructor yells direction changes taking them right, left, front, or back

A row of steps are lined up vertically tip to tip.
They jump over steps side to side
Straddle steps and run through with high knees

Each person faces a step and does quick toe taps onto step.

Set mats for each participant in a row with another one across the room from it. They do 10 pushups sprint to next mat 9 pushups, sprint back to 1st mat 8 pushups, etc. to one pushup.

Have them partner up. One partner holds arms straight out, other partner jogs in place with high knees trying to get knees up to arms. Switch partners. Do 1 minute, then 30 seconds, then 15 seconds.

Back to mats that are set up and do same as above for pushups except now with situps.

Then it is half time--back out to the track for a walk or jog--come back in and go through again cutting down time of drills.

When done with second time through walk track to cooldown, come in for some quick abs, and stretch.

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