Extreme Boot Camp 2

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Hello again! This is another one of my classes that I have used for my Extreme Boot Camp class. Remeber this is for advanced participants when used all together. Enjoy!!

I usually split the class time into two rounds, so we go through the course twice, but the second time through we cut the time in half on some things.

Warm-up: walking or jogging laps on the track for 5 minutes


Ball wall squats and also have them hold in squat position then back to squats

Then each person has a step with 2-4 risers under it and a pair of hand wieghts. While they are holding the hand weights they are going to do step thrusts. 2 1/2 minutes right leg lead, 2 1/2 minutes left leg lead. During the second 2 1/2 minutes they are going to do bicep curls with weights while doing step thrusts.

Have two lines of logs (something to jump over) set up. About 5 logs in a row. Participants do frog jumps over the logs down the line and walk or jog back to do again for approximately 5 minutes.

Ball pushups for 1-2 minutes

Back to the steps where they are going to place one foot on the step and one on the floor and squat then both feet on step and squat. So they are pivoting from floor to step squatting. Five minutes.

Then it is half time--back out to the track for a walk or jog--come back in and go through again cutting down time of drills.

When done with second time through walk track to cooldown, come in for some quick abs, and stretch.

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