Sweet caroline power version

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12900)

Download the song, Sweet Caroline, by Neil Diamond. On the top of phrase WHEN NEIL STARTS SINGING, do the following: right leg reverse lunge hold back for 3 pulses and step together. Now left leg reverse lunge, hold for 3 and step together. Repeat right again and then left. Now same thing but right foot forward pulse lunge for 3 and step together then left. Repeat right and then left again. Now, the music will change and right when you return from the last left leg front lunge, you HOP legs out to a pulse squat position and hold for 4 pulses, then HOP feet in to a narrow stance and pulse for 4. Jump wide again and hold for 2 pulses and jump narrow and hold for 2 pulses. Repeat, jump wide for 2, narrow for 2. Then singles (out,in, out, in) for 4 counts. Now you are at the chorus...do 12 plyometric lunges (power pushing off the ground to change lead leg) and then 12 single jump squats, jumping out and in and out and in. Now song changes and you are right on key to repeat from the top. After you repeat all this, the song changes to where you perform a center squat pulse for 3 counts, step out right and hold for 3 pulses, center again hold for 3, step out left hold for 3 and finally center, hold for 3. Then you finish it by doing 12 plyo lunges, 12 out and in squat jumps and 12 plyo lunges and 8 out and in squat jumps. Cue them to catch as much air as they can on all the plyo moves.

I know this sounds like a lot, but it is a rush...the music makes you move 'cause you're right in sync.. Everybody knows the words and it's 3 and 1/2 minutes of plyometric power. Try it, I dare ya

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