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This is a Ball pattern from (pattern 12903)

Got these ideas by borrowing back a couple of video tapes from that I gave my sister for Xmas...

Standing wall slides - ball positioned behind the low back - feet slightly in front, neutral position -

Start with regular wall slides (squats) - remind students to emphasize pressing from the heels on the way back up - do full range of motion for desired number of repetitions then:

Hold at the bottom and pulse part way up

Repeat first 2 choices again

Then: hold at the bottom and bring your knees together emphasizing the adductors - can start with tempo and then do double time - remind students to listen to their knees and ankles and keep their backs pressed into the ball.

One more - supine on the ball (head, neck and shoulders) do active bridging - i.e. dropping and lifting your hips - cue lifting from the lower ab fibers pulling up and the glutes and hamstrings pressing up - do desired number of repetitions then pulse up - repeat that combo again

Then: add adductor squeezes at the top - tempo and then double time.

Please keep fresh ball ideas coming,


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From: Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii (USA)
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