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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12910)

Step is horizontal. All blocks are leg-ready, tap free and self-reversing.





* L-step pivot is just an L-step but, instead of tapping down, march x2 and turn 180 to face back. Add a knee with the L-step then its easier. Up knee, march march (on small end of step) turn towards the leading leg inwards, up knee off, off.

** Indecision 'Lift off' is just an indecision with a switch of your choice added I do a glute lift. Cued like up up straddle, switch over. By adding a switch curl or similar, it makes the move leg ready and easier for participants. A plain indecision is fine, but you have to add a yukky tap, and I hate those!

*** Figure 8 with straddle: starburst or glute lift around the end of your step into a straddle. Do again on other end (you will be on the front side of your step). On the 2nd time you do it, hold your legs straddled & march for 4 counts. I add a march forward 1 & 2, then a mambo over the step, then a mambo on top of the step. The mambo over will bring you back to the back side of the step. Its really not that difficult, but very hard to explain. easy option is starburst each end x2, then 2x uptap one end. Layer on change.

**** Fancy uptap, 3 marches on top (take leg bhind on count 2) step down and mambo across on floor) Teach firstly with marching up for 3 counts then just march on the floor. Layer in the leg behind (looks like a curtsey) and the mambo across on floor. If leading right leg it will be facing the left corner.

***** Hiphop repeater, just a normal repeater however you do one knee up,lunge the leg backwards and do 2x knee lift repeaters on floor. Cued knee, tap back 2x knee on floor. Again it changes the move to a leg ready move.

I have no idea if you guys will be able to follow this routine. We all know that its really difficult to put a good routine down on paper. I have done my best to explain the routine to you, but even if you cant understand it, hopefully it will give you some ideas of your own. Any questions please email me and I'll try and help you out.


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