Duck, duck, goose

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I teach an interval sports conditioning class (boot camp) - I did this one the other night as a warm-up. The class really liked it.

Have class form a large circle around the room - all facing center. Count off in 3's or 4's (depending on class size).

Everyone starts doing high knees in place. I stay outside of the circle and when I call "one" all of the ones run clockwise around the circle. The goal is to make it back to your empty spot without being caught or overrunning their spot. If someone gets tagged by the person behind them (or overruns spot)- they move into the center of the circle and do crunches (or push-ups, etc). Can also do side-shuffle, power skips, etc around circle.

Repeat calling numbers (call the same number twice in a row, they'll hate you) until more than half the class is in the center.

Also, every so often I switch up from the high knees (so they're getting a good warm-up in)- have everyone do squats, butt kicks, etc.

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