Ganey-You're gonna love this!!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12923)

I've had so much fun with this routine..thought you'd enjoy as well!

Horizontal; N,S,E,W format; Right lead

Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3

kinda gets a little wierd...gotta keep counting and talking

Combo 4

Combo 1:
**Back side split: (1-2) step up like a basic right, (3) tap right toe to the back, (4) step right foot on top, (5) tap left toe off W side, (6) step left foot on top, (7-8) exit step.
**Corner to corner -Double pump kick: (1) step right foot up on W corner, (2,3) double pump right foot, like to kicks without a tap in between, (4-5) step down left, right, (6) step left foot up on E corner, (7,8) double pump right foot, (9,10) step down right,left..and be ready for the double knee repeater on the W corner.

Combo 2
**Walk the line: (1-2) step up right, left like a V-step, (3) twist body to face E, (4) right knee lift, (5,6) straddle down right, left, (7-8) step up on top right left...
**Tap knee straddle...-Immediately after Walking the line, (1) tap right toe in floor, (2) knee up, (3-4) straddle down, (5) step right foot on top, (6) left knee up, (7-8) straddle...goes right into corner to corner kick...

Combo 3
**(5-10) Rhythm rocks: (5) stomp your left foot to the E corner, (6-7) step down right,left, (8) stomp your right foot to the W corner, (9-10) step down left, right...kinda gets off the main beat, but you will get back to it...
**(19-24) syncopated V-step: be ready for this gotta jump right in there..(19) jump both feet on top (like a V-step, (20) clap, (21) jump feet together still on top of the step,(22) clap, (23-24) exit right, you are back on the 'main beat'

Combo 4
**Revolving door, right lead: (1) step up right-step toward the W side and kinda turn around to face back as you step, (2) step up with the left-facing back now, (3-4) exit right, left-off the N side of the step (5-8) repeat...turning back to face front, exit the S side of the step facing N.---I think this one is in the turnstep dictionary.
**Hanging V-step: facing E (1) step your left foot up on step,(2) step your right foot in the floor..wide like a V, (3-4) step back left,right like a regular V-step, just hanging off the step...

Email me with any questions. Have fun with this is one that makes you and you class think a did us anyway!


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