Awesome moves for advanced steppers

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Step routine #7


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(Great add on as last combo to intermediate routines):

I will allow emails for this one cuz this one is tough.

*1: Ham straddle: ham curl right leg and then straddle it over the bench and place it on the floor. Then ham curl left leg. Ham curl the first one again bringing back over the bench. It's 3 ham curls with straddle over bench beginning and ending in front.

*2: Turn walk the plank: turn straddle (4) straddle again (4), then right foot comes up on top of the bench, left knee up and foot goes down on top of bench. Right knee lifts up, then down on floor, then up again. Left foot comes down with last right knee lift. The total count should be 16. Practice it. Just remember the 2 knee lifts are fast. They only equal 2 counts total.Then last 2 counts are down, down exiting front of bench.

*3 & 4: Diagonal reverse: Diagonal across, with back to step, step back on step and lunge back with left foot, then back lunge with right foot for two, then left foot again, exiting front. With right foot, push over and do a power squat. (Squat down, and the push back over the bench. You should be facing the opposite site ready to begin on your left at end.)

Please email me if you have any questions.

Good luck! This is tough and I haven't taught it yet, I've done it a million times though in other classes. It may take time for them to get it.


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