Kickbox Step

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This is a 32-count, self-reversing block on a horizontal step. Each move is explained in further detail at the end. Number of counts per move is in parentheses at the end of each line.

When I teach it to people who've never done it, I have to take quite a bit of time teaching each individual movement. Please, take your time and be sure your participants are using good form so they do not get hurt!

Walk over/kick, walk back/kick: (facing front) Step knee walks over the bench, step to floor, back kick on count (4). Step knee walks back over, step to floor, front kick on count (8). For clarity: Face front the whole time. Only one foot will ever step on the bench, on counts (1) and (5).

Grab/smash/punch: Counts (1) through (6) are all on top of the bench. Here are the feet: Step knee up, squat pulse (3) counts, knee, down, down. Now the arms: Whichever knee comes up first, use the same arm to begin punching. Count one- reach both arms up & grab, count two- Pull down & smash into your knee, counts 3/4- punch twice, counts 5/6- grab/smash.

Basic kick: regular basic, but count (4) is a front kick (no tap)

Step back kick, step knee: Step on bench, back kick on count two, step to floor, raise your knee. (sort of like a rocking horse)

Jab/shuffle: Rock step (like a half-mambo) front & side, jabbing the same arm as your lead leg. Only the first count is actually on the bench.

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From: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (USA)
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